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DAY 1 – Friday

Welcoming / Check in (late afternoon / evening)

19:00 Dinner / eat drink and be marry
21:00 Meditation with singing blow
21:30 – 22:30 Private therapy / Free time, relax

Day 2 – Saturday

This is a silent morning of our retreat. we suggest you practice NO SPEAKING for half a day from sunrise to noon ( optional: mindful moving, not creating noise )

This is a great opportunity to listen and JUST BE, time to just surrender to yourself and take in this beautiful, quiet, majestic of nature. (no computer of any kind)

07:00 Meditation and chair (sitting) yoga
08:00 Breakfast NO SPEAKING ( optional: mindful moving, not creating noise )


Come share stories, smile and meet new friends.
Relax and be happy.

Day 2 – Saturday

09:00 Private therapy / Free time, relax (NO SPEAKING)
11:00 Silent END

12:00 lunch / free time
15:00 Progressive and Restorative yoga with
17:00 Private therapy /Free time, relax
19:00 Dinner / eat drink and be marry
21 – 22:30 Private therapy / Free time, relax

Day 3 – Sunday


08:00 Breakfast
11:00 Clean up and Checkout

Retreat END

Note: Food and drink will be extra / share at cost


Enjoy unwinding and meet the incredible yoga instructor Adam Quang. Learn about Adam 23 years teaching experience, his new book Secret Journal of a Yogi, and World Karma project.


“The cottage is very close to the village of Wilberforce. It is a very pretty cottage country town. There is lots of trials for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. There is a dock for your enjoyment and safe swimming. . With a south west exposure, you will enjoy the afternoon sun on the dock, with not another cottage in sight.”

Pre book private therapy session with Adam Quang

[Release stress, neck, shoulder, and back tensions.]

12-1:30pm / 4-6pm

10 min / 25
20 min / 45
30min / 60
1 hr / 100

Date: Oct.20 to 22 2017

Cost: 100
Facebook event: Retreat at the Barnes
Address: Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Spacing is limited [7 bedrooms] To secure your spot could you please pay online.

Retreat To The Barnes



Adam Quang Progressive Yoga

A product of Adam Quangโ€™s 23 years of teaching experience and *HIIT research.

Principles of building body strength and flexibility using Progressive Yoga technique. Youโ€™ll cut your workout in half. Creating a precision machine to meet your inner state of nothingness.

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Meditation with singing bowl

Meditation is valuable discipline that can help you stay young in both body and spirit. Through guided meditation, you will be lead through a series of exercises to help you better understand and appreciate meditation. Every session begins with relaxation exercises, after which we take the student through a series breathing techniques to help in maintaining focus. We then use visualization techniques to guide the student to a quiet mind. Over time students learn to maintain this state for increasing periods of time, through which they will learn to better manage everyday stresses.

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Restorative Yoga

Rejuvenate your body and mind, experience quiet in your busy lifestyle, reflect and reconnect with yourself. Feel renewed โ€“ like a day at the spa

Restorative Yoga is a very gentle practice and safe for โ€œallโ€ participants, where you lie in a yoga position and relax into the pose. Postures are meant to be done fully supported by props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps. Once set up in a pose, you should be able to release all the muscles in the body into a passive stretch. These are the slowest and least vigorous of all yoga styles.

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Chair Yoga

Designed to help release stress and pain for people who sit for a prolonged period and people with limited mobility. Exercises are done on a chair with chair yoga techniques, Since 2008.

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Getting Ready

What to bring: your Ab-Fab cottage runway smile, clothes, food, alcohol,
your yoga mat, beach / bath tower (for yoga).

For personal use: Bath towel and bed linen.

What to wear for yoga: Comfortable gym clothes, clothes you can move in with enough ease for you to do a lunge or a split with ease and not have your circulation cut off.

  • Adam Quang is available for corporate / individual wellness program (onsite / offsite)
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