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Chair Yoga Since 2008


Yoga For The Not-So-Young -Montreal Gazette by Suzan kelly – 2004

Adam QuangĀ is available forĀ corporateĀ 
andĀ privateĀ wellness program (onsite / offsite)

Therapy l Back Care l Restorative YogaĀ lĀ Mat YogaĀ lĀ MeditationĀ lĀ Taichi

Workshop are design to release stress and pain for people who sit for a prolonged period of time. Help improves mental focus and physical balance. Class will be done on a chair with some standing exercises for strength and flexibility

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4 Wheels Walker to Pain Free Happiness Dance
Before and after
“Give it a try, because you always think “oh I can’t do it”
but once you do, you feel wonderful”


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Chair Yoga class will be done on a chair with some standing exercises for strength and flexibility.




Benefits of Yoga:


Adam Quang’s a creator of Progressive yoga, the author of Secret Journal of a Yogi, a registered yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 Master level certification, helps bring more happiness into your life through wellness and art, since 1994.



What to expect? Ā See video below from one of our classes.



When: Tuesday
Time: 4pm -5pm
Where: 10 Delisle Ave Ā (Deer Park Room)
Since 2008Ā (Drop-ins are always welcome)


YACEP Yoga Alliance

Webinar Class

When:Ā TBA
Time:Ā TBA
Where: Online / Web

What to wear:

  • Comfortable gym clothes, clothes you can move in with enough ease for you to do a lunge or a split with ease and not have your circulation cut off.
  • Please bring thick towel, yoga strap and a cushion (16×16).
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20141114-YogaBookAdam Quangā€˜s new book Secret Journal Of A Yogi, series of chair yoga books (Back Care, Carpal Tunnel, Neck & Shoulder, Energize)Ā with simple exercises to help you release stress in your body without exerting your body. These exercises are great for people who tend sit for long periods of time, office workers, traveler and people with reduced mobility.

More info click here:Ā www.SecretJournalOfAYogi.com