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Movement with out tension / Click on picture below ⬇️ to play video

Qi / Chi

Constitutes one of the fundamental bases for Chinese medical theory and practice. Literally it means “breath”; it is one of three sustaining elements in the body (jing and shen are the others). More concisely, qi is the vital energy that circulates throughout the body, delivered through systematic channels that connect different body organs. [more…]


Taiwan – Peace Memorial Park

Taichi in 7 Wonder of Nature

SelfDefence Needle At Bottom Of The Sea

Relax at a 7 wonders with Qigong

Ancient Cave at 7 Wonder of Nature

Taichi 24 Yang [front view]

Taichi 24 Yang [side & back view]

#2 Parting A Wild Horse’s Mane

#7 Graping The Peacock Tail