#1000Kindness Installation Art


“If you make someone laugh you give them a little vacation.” Winston Churchill


Pledge Station 1000Kindness
#1000Kindness a global art installation project under the umbrella of the World Karma Project, a social experiment invited people to create and  write an act of kindness on a crane, record their pledge of kindness on video, then go out and perform this act within the next 48 hours. Creating kindness ripple effect, making a better world in the space in which we are living.

Artist Statement


“Kindness makes us happier on a biochemical level, elevated levels of dopamine a natural high in the brain” 5 Beneficial Side Effects of Kindness



“Helping other increased self-esteem and happiness” Scientific proof for karma / York University

#1000Kindness by Adam Quang installation art has visited 15 locations and 12 different cities across North America and Europe. Was part of the opening weekend of SouthBank Centre Festival of Love (London, UK.) and seem by 7 million plus people.

#1000Kindness is an ongoing installation that had previously been on public display in London UK . NYC . Beverly Hills . Boston . Cambridge . Vermont . Palo Alto . Emeryville . Toronto . Montreal . Calgary . Ottawa . Brossard .



Fold an origami and help change the world.

How To Made Mini Tiny Origami Crane


From the kindness pledge station
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Be Kind to your elder neighbour
Make a stranger smile today
Make someone feel very special


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Margaret Atwood re-twitter #1000Kindness to her 500,203 followers

Margaret Atwood re-twitter #1000Kindness to her 500203 followers

There are random acts of kindness written in each swan and people are supposed to come and make their own to add to it”


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Brighten someone's day. #1000ActsOfKindness @WorldKarmaProj #nyc #newyork #instagood #art #dogood #happiness #kindness #colorful #picoftheday

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Committed to doing a random act of kindness in the next 48 hours. #1000ActsOfKindness #papercranes

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