Adam Quang Yoga Workshop: Shibari / Bondage / Kink Practitioner

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Adam really has a gift to be able to help us all on our individual needs and is very attentive and caring through his instruction and encouragement. ~ Rose (Click 👉 Testimonial videos)

We’ve become so good at avoiding minor discomfort that we’re unable to just sit with it, but we need to sit with it so it can guide us toward growth.

Yoga is a great tool to help release tension and work on our vulnerability in building foundation for our relationship, it’s allowing us to trust with out fear.
These yoga series of practices are designed for individual participating in kink practices. [ bondage, submission, dominance, edge / erotic play, impact… ]

Adam has spent 12 months researching and working with members of the kink community to develop a series of exercises and yoga programs to help bridge a deeper connection for BDSM practices.

Helps maintain and condition the body for endurance and strength while expanding their mind to help build synergy with their partner(s) before, during and after play. Cultivate inner strength, balance and centre yourself to heighten enjoinment through develop new and different way to communicate, free ourself of our constraint and grow together Shibari (縛り) “Decoratively Tie” more correctly known as Kinbaku (緊縛) ” the beauty of tight binding.” is an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage or BDSM.  
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Come on out and enjoy unwinding with us!! 12pm to 12:15pm Come for a meet and greet and assessment of your starting point and where you want to go.

What to wear: Comfortable gym clothes, clothes you can move in with enough ease for you to do a lunge or a split with ease and not have your circulation cut off.
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👇 Click on ▶️ thumbnail to play 🎥 and [ ] enlarge. Rose – Proud member of the Kink community. Professionally trained Esthetician with a deep understanding of holistic and spiritual health.  
Sunday: 1PM to 2PM Date: Dec 3 and 17 [2018] Jan. 7 / 21  Feb. 4 / 18 Mar.4 / 18 apr.8 / 22 May.6 / 20 Jun.3 / 17 Jul.8/22 Aug.5/19 Sept.9 / 23 Oct.7/21 Nov.4/18 Dec.2/16 Place: Toronto Kinbaku salon 438 Parliament / second floor Class: 15 / 1 hour Workshop: 50 / 4 hours Space is limited – 👇 secure your spot with paypal.
Yoga Class
“I would like to thank everyone who attend the first Yoga class for Shibari. I feel realigned with my intentions of what I want to recieve and give with my rope practice. I loved the exercises that Adam showed us to connect with our partners and the sequence that we ran through for the hip, chest and shoulder openers and feel that it was clear and practiced enough during the class that I can remember the sequence to practice on my own. I attended Adams classes to strengthen my muscles and to quiet my mind so that I can be fully present in my life. What did you like about it? What would you like to see more of or less of? This is your practice… designed for you, practiced by you and improved on by your efforts. Please feel free to share whats on your mind and I look forward to the next event on July 1st. Hope to see you there!!!” Rose / Jun.17.2017
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Adam Quang’s a creator of Progressive yoga, a registered yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 Master level certification, the author of Secret Journal of a Yogi, helps bring more happiness into your life through wellness and art, since 1994.

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